Ag Econ is experienced is conducting industry level research and providing targeted extension outputs.

Industry level services include;

  • Climate data analysis, forecasting interpretation, risk assessment and extension
  • Climate location analysis – which oceans and atmospheric drivers are influencing your industries irrigation evapotranspiration, rainfall and temperature?
  • Economic evaluations applicable to enterprise, farm or industry scale
  • Resource efficiency analysis
    i.e limited irrigation water scenarios, incorporating renewables and battery storage into irrigation systems, robotics in agriculture and, measuring practice change scenarios through dynamic gross margin analysis;
  • Investment analysis
    i.e feasibility studies of agricultural developments and investments including energy innovation and irrigation development
  • Enterprise and industry level risk management
  • Carbon and energy policy impact analysis and industry recommendations


Research outputs may include;

  • Research reports
  • Peer reviewed journal articles

Extension outputs may include;

  • Conference presentations, posters and papers
  • Factsheets
  • Articles in industry publications
  • YouTube clips
  • Webinars
  • Workshops

Working autonomously or in multi-disiplanary teams, Ag Econ has achieved positive outcomes for industry clients.