As owner/operators of their own farming businesses, Janine and Jon understand the intricacies of farm business analysis. Below are some examples of the services we provide, however all work is tailored to the clients needs.

Farm level services include;

  • Enterprise, farm or business level budgeting
  • Resource efficiency analysis
    • Farm energy assessment – reducing energy costs with renewables
    •  Limited irrigation water scenarios
    • Gross margin analysis and crop planning
    • Measuring practice change scenarios through dynamic gross margin analysis
  • Economic evaluations applicable to enterprise or farm or business scale
    • Machinery
      • Maintain or replace?
      • Buy, hire or use contractors?
    • Investment analysis (i.e energy, irrigation, robotic solutions)
      (May include investment tenders and quality assurance)
  • Machinery maintenance and replacement schedules
  • Climate risk assessment, forecasting interpretation and management strategies.
  • Whole-farm business and enterprise level risk management
  • Business proposals and marketing plans

Information is provided in an easy to read format and can be tailored to suit various stakeholders such as investors, banks and advisors.

Please give us a call – we are happy to discuss any areas where you think we can assist.